Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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The new Prince of persia released on cell phones. This mobile game can be played in varieties Nokia and symbian sets. It will also run in java system and the zip file contains Both is dirrerent doirectories.

Looking back at the Prince of Persia trilogy which was a massive hit amongst gamers, the story was crafted in a way to interweave with that of Princess Farah. Unfortunately the characterization was such that she had no real effect on the final gameplay. For the new Prince of Persia game, Ubisoft has decided that they want a secondary character that is more integrated into the storyline. A character who was not only a formed a part of the storyline but also had a vital role to play in the gameplay. From these aspiration rose the character Elika, the female cohort for the Prince.

As was revealed earlier, the Prince gets lost in a fiery sandstorm only to find himself in a deserted but stunning oasis. His happiness is short-lived as an evil spirit by the name of Ahriman escapes from his prison and starts wrecking havoc amongst the people. In the oasis the prince meets Elika who belongs to the clan of Ahuras, the guardians of the prison which held Ahriman. Elika is determined to vanquish Ahriman back into the prison and decides to fight alongside the prison against their common enemy.

Elika fights by the Prince’s side for majority of the game, and she is fully AI controlled. She dons the role of an assistant and executes her role with elegance without ever getting in the way like conventional AI characters. For instance when the prince is shimmying along an edge Elika pulls up behind him. However, if the Prince suddenly decides to change direction he is going to run in to her right? Not a chance, the instant the Prince shifts his direction; Elika lets her hand off the ledge. The Prince holds her one arm and sling her behind him, this way the prince does not lose his momentum and she never gets in the way as well. In case she is unable to perform the acrobatic leaps of the Prince, she finds another way to reach the other side, though the demos haven’t featured an acrobatic combo the developers have assured that you will be able to team up together to perform some amazing acrobatics.

Elika is one real smart AI character; she never annoys you by getting in the way and also not takes any direct inconsequential action. Even though she is AI controlled, you can call her to your aid if you find the battle a little to hot to handle. Ubisoft has released a CG trailer which shows Elika teaming with the Prince to execute an aerial somersault throw. Elika has limited combat skills but is a powerfully trained in magic, she can even block a killing blow thereby saving the prince. She also assists the prince with puzzles however how this is going to work out is yet to be revealed. Elika also doubles up as your compass, if you were to get stuck somewhere in the wide expanse of the new Prince of Persia look no further than your sidekick for directions. It seems Ubisoft has closely studied the AI mistakes which other games have made and made a tremendous effort of not repeating them, if they can pull this one off it will be a game talked about for many years to come.

The latest Prince of persia is great to play on cell phones, anywhere, anytime. So its geat to ahve it wth you.

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